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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Yesterday I was drinking a beer on a terrace on the Prinsengrachtcanal in my hometown Amsterdam when suddenly a kind of canoe with two guys pedalling in it was passing by. There was a camerateam of the dutch TV in a boat in front of them and another one behind them.

Though it was very funny, I did not pay more attention anyone was doing.
This morning, reading the newspaper during my traditional dutch breakfast with brown bread, butter and cheese, tea and orangejuice, I read their trip was quite special; they arrived in Amsterdam from Athens after 4.500 km of biking over the sea. The purpose of the journey was to earn money for a charity project for children with a life-threatening disease (Villa Pardoes).

The bikers were the belgian Matthijs Houben and my former class-mate Alex Mutsaars, who I did not recognize at the moment he was passing by as he lost his long blond hair...

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